Break 90 and Beyond – FREE EBOOK


Did you know that only 21% of the worlds golfers regularly shoot in the 80’s?


When I first found this out, I was pretty shocked if I am honest. I expected it to be a lot higher!!


So it got me thinking WHY?


Why are so many golfers failing to make this more than reachable grade?


So I want to help.


And this is what has inspired me to write this EBOOK to help golfers like yourself reach a level you can be truly proud of.



  • Beginner Mistakes You Must Avoid
  • How to Break 100
  • How to Play from the Trickiest Lies on the Course
  • Most Common Course Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Staying Calm Under Pressure
  • How to Take control of Your Own Game
  • Breaking 90: The Game Plan
  • Mistakes I Wish I Knew Sooner 


Who are we?


If you are new to Golfers HQ – we are two brothers who have played golf pretty much our entire lives. 


I (Dean) have been a very low handicapper since the age of 14 and played in some of the most prestigious amateur competitions here in the UK.


Luke has been a PGA qualified Pro for over 7 years and in that time, he has taught thousands of lessons to every standard of golfer and at the age of only 27, he became a Director of Golf and runs a successful junior academy with over 100 children.


In the book – we include mistakes we have made ourselves, mistakes we see golfers making all the time. We show you strategies, practical tips, mental tips and probably more information than you’ll need to break 90.


And even if you’re smashing the 90 barrier there is lots of info in here that will be valuable to you. 


If you just take one or two things from this book and implement into your game, then your game will grow and writing this book has been worth it.