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Welcome to Golfers HQ


The site that will not teach you how to swing a golf club.


Golfers HQ who is run by two brothers, Dean a low handicapper who is on a quest to becoming a scratch golfer and Luke, who has been a PGA professional for many years.


Will teach you how to do everything else.


Being a good golfer is not all about a golf swing – so many golfers get so focused on playing swing rather than playing golf.


And they are throwing away shots and not fulfilling their best game because their mental side is weak, their course management is non-existent, their expectations are delusional, and their practice sessions are lazy.


All this stuff is so incredibly important, and it is information/skills I wish I focused on much earlier in my career. I truly believe if I had, I would have already smashed the scratch golfer barrier.


So, the main premise of this site is to teach and motivate you to become a much more rounded golfer who doesn’t feel frustrated with their golf game, like so many golfers do.


Golf is a game to be enjoyed and that’s what we are here for – to ensure you enjoy it


Amongst other things, we also do honest product reviews which have no sway from manufacturers and we feature real world golfers who share their experiences with their golf.  


So to get you started, here are some of our most popular blog posts to date:



We also have a podcast which you can find on the site or on itunes (if you like what you hear, please don’t be afraid to leave a review)


You can also find us on Facebook where we post content on a daily basis.


I hope you enjoy and get some real value from visiting here. If you want to contact us, drop us a line at Golfershqltd@gmail.com