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The 11 Biggest Mistakes Beginner Golfers Make

Do you want to avoid making the 11 biggest Mistakes most beginners are making? #1 Not Hitting Enough Club   According to Practical Golf – 94% of golfers are...


Breaking 90: The Game Plan

  Did you know that only 21% of the worlds golfers shoot in the 80’s on a regular basis?? To be honest I was a bit surprised by this statistic – I expected it to...


How to be Successful from the Trickiest Lies on the Course

When you first start out in this game, the norm is to go to the range and have a few lessons to get the basics nailed down in your swing. This is great and gets you at least to...


How to Break 100 Consistently

So you have been playing golf a little while, mainly messing around with a few mates and one day, this thing hits you like a ton of bricks. Thoughts are crashing around in your...

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