Join the Team

Are you a passionate golfer with knowledge or experience that you would love to share with the world?


If so, then why not become a contributor/writer for Golfers HQ and help us share our message…and earn some extra cash for yourself at the same time.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned professional or a weekend hacker… if you have unique experiences, knowledge or just want to tell everyone about your golfing triumphs/mistakes – you could be a great fit for the Golfers HQ team.



Golfers HQ covers the following topics:


  • Golf instruction – If you are a golf coach with some great knowledge and ideas – we would love to have you as part of the team.


  • Product Reviews – If you have used a product recently which our followers need to hear about (for good or bad reasons), then an in depth review would work great. We pride ourselves on honesty and looking after fellow golfers, so good or bad – we want to know it all.


  • Golf Mindset/Psychology– You don’t have to be a trained psychologist for this one. I believe some of the best and most helpful stories are from people who have overcome mental barriers themselves.


  • Milestones/Smashing Goals/Mistakes – Have you broke any milestones lately? How did you do it? Any mistakes you made along the way? We want to know and our fans do too.


  • Anything you think could help other golfers improve or enjoy this game more. I recently wrote this article which was a great hit. 


Content Parameters


  • Quality – quality over everything. You don’t have to be a professional writer but we pride ourselves on quality content, so hitting a high standard is certainly a requirement. 


  • Ideally over 750 words but this isn’t a deal breaker. Sometimes less fluff is required to get your message across, but articles which are too short often lack depth.


  • Good grammar – it doesn’t have to be faultless as we can deal with the odd error our end.


  • Diagrams are required in your article. Ideally 2-3 but it’s dependent on the length and type of article. The fact is, nobody wants to read walls of text without a break and images do a great job of making your article much more readable and understandable.


  • It has to offer value to the reader. Nobody cares about a slow play rant (unless its hilarious of course)


What’s in it for you?


  • We pay between £35-£75 per article which is based on length of article, amount of research required and quality. 


What Next?


If you are interested in writing for Golfers HQ – please send a draft on any of the topics discussed to and we can work from there. 


Also don’t hesitate to email me before hand if you have any queries or you want to discuss a potential topic.


I really look forward to hearing from you and hopefully having you as part of the team.


Best Regards,

Dean Walker 

Founder of Golfers HQ