Love a Golf Debate? Here’s 28 Interesting Facebook Polls and The Results


I love a good golf debate, so if you do too, here are a collection of polls and the results from our Facebook page. Some very interesting results here…


1. If you are medically able to walk 18 holes, then…you should walk 🙂 



2. However unpopular Sergio has become recently – it appears he’s still more popular than Matt ”tight ass” Kuchar.



3. This poll was about the only thing Rory won on this day…Tiger 2/1 victor. 



4. No surprise here – for ease of use and cost, GPS watch is a clear favourite. (Lots of good suggestions in the comments)



5. I believe this number will increase dramatically as strokes gained filters more into the amateur game.  



6. Unlucky 59% of you. 



7. Agree with the Lee Trevino mob – this one should be put to bed. Its a great tournament as it is without being a major, and this debate has become boring. 



8. Not sure who the 17% are, but they must love watching paint dry. 



9. Yep, gets on my tits a bit now too. 



10. Great poll this one and there’s even more info in the comments section. 



11. Definitely a successful change in my book and I think the authorities above have got this right. 



12. Sorry, but I don’t believe this poll. How do you not know what score you are? 😉



13. I suspect this one was only answered mainly by people with some kind of emotional attachment to this issue. In reality, these results are skewed the wrong way.



14. The rest is history…



15. Great win for Tiger in this poll and in the Tour Champs. What a man. 



16. I think more people need to worry less about what others are doing – me included. 



17. Shocked at this one…40 points and play badly or 33 points and hit it well. Come on guys. 



18. About what I expected. 



19. Cant stand the guy, but wow, people do love him. (87% of you in fact)


20. Eleven Sports – please leave golf alone.  



21. Shooting a good score is obviously high on everyone’s agenda but there are plenty of other things to enjoy about golf…



22. Solid results…:)



23. Can’t believe Phil is this popular in the UK. I thought I was the only fan…



24. Augusta all day long…



25. It appears most golfers want to hit it straighter rather than longer…



26. I am in the ”end up more baffled” crew. Lessons all day long for me. 



27. Apparently ”this was the stupidest poll ever seen” and having looked back on it – the gentleman was probably right. Still a great achievement to shoot lower than your age though…



28. I had no idea Patrick Reed was even this popular…



Thanks for reading – if you have any polls that could set off some serious golf debate – let me know in the comments section below. 


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