PuttOUT Review – The Tool Which Makes Putting Addictive


For avid golf loves like us, winter can be a frustrating time. That momentum you’ve built up through the summer can feel like it comes to a shuddering halt.


Rain, wind and bumpy greens are enough to put off even the most dedicated bunch.


But don’t worry. If you hate the bad weather and hate practising your putting, then this little tool could be a great addition to keep that momentum spiralling in your favour.


The Puttout allows you to improve from the comfort of your own living room and you might actually have some fun doing it…

So, what is the Puttout?


Although it looks really nothing like one, it is a little tool which simulates a real hole.



And to be honest, it’s aesthetics slightly put me off at first.


But as you’ll find out, this really isn’t an issue.


So, let’s get to the different components…


The white round circle you can see is exactly the same diameter as a real hole.


So, if any of your putts cross this area and run up and down the ramp, you can assume that this is a holed putt.



Also, you will notice that on the outer edge of the ramp, there are little rivets which will knock your ball off to the side if you’re not accurate enough. This effectively simulates a lip out.


The ramp part is a very clever component which is used to gauge the speed of your putts. Any putt which is not sucked up by the little hole in the middle of the contraption will role back down the ramp.


And how far the ball rolls back to you, is how far the ball would have gone past the hole had it missed.


This is also a nice benefit if you are the laziest person in the world. If your practising your 3-5 footers and holing them, then you’ll barely have to move to retrieve your ball.


Now comes the fun part – the tiny hole.


(This can be closed if you would like, but that just defeats so much of the purpose, so we’ll assume you have it open)


This little hole will suck up any perfect putt you hit – so any putt that goes in at perfect speed and line will get swallowed up.



And this for me, is the greatest benefit…


Narrows Focus


I found straight away, that all my focus was going to be driven towards making the perfect putt. As you can see from this video, it’s a lot harder than it first appears. I hit some pretty solid putts here and only one is deemed as perfect.




Narrowing your focus in this way is great practice. ‘Good putts’ are deemed not good enough, which forced me to become even more zoned in on speed and line.


Certainly, more than I would be if I was putting to a normal hole. This is because when putting to a normal hole, if it goes in, it’s good enough and there’s no feeling that a further adjustment is required.


Which is certainly not the case here. I don’t get a great deal of satisfaction from the ball passing over a white bit of plastic and rolling back to me.


I want it to lodge in that tiny zone.


This aspect I find gives me a much more precise and focused mentality, which of course, is only a great thing.





Even the most dedicated and obsessed golfers can find practising their putting monotonous and boring at times. 


This for me, is anything but. I found the difficulty level of trying to hit the perfect putt to be highly addictive. It’s tough to achieve, but not impossible, which gives you that healthy balance of effort/reward.


And I must say when the ball lodges in the hole, it’s a very satisfying feeling.



Use It Anywhere


As we’ve already touched on, this device is perfect for indoor use. If you have a carpet which speed resembles anything like a real green, then you won’t need anything additional to benefit from this device.


If you don’t have a golfer friendly carpet, then Puttout also provide detailed putting mats which you can find here.


If you want to practice with this on certain types of breaks/speeds etc, then of course, this can also be used outside.


Cheap As Chips


Assuming you have a good enough surface at home to practice on, this is a very cheap bit of kit. Retailing at £19.99 which is the same as some leather gloves.


It takes up no space, easily foldable and will fit into pretty much every pocket in your golf bag.


I tend to just keep in a drawer in my room and pull it out for a quick 20 minutes in the evening. My wife doesn’t even know it exists – that’s how little space it takes up.



I really believe that pulling something like this out for 10/20 minutes most evenings is doable for everyone and the benefits will be game changing.


Anything that concerns me?


The product is great and does exactly what it says on the tin. This is just a word of caution really… obviously this aid won’t do anything to improve your fundamentals – like your alignment, eye position, ball position etc and these all still require lots of care and attention.


I think if you’re not careful, then It’s easy to hit thousands of putts with this and ingrain the odd bad habit along the way. So, yes – fire away at attempting to hit that perfect putt ,but I would still be very cautious to work on your fundamentals whilst doing so.


I actually like to combine this with my putting mirror.


So, where Can You Buy One?


You can pick these up on Amazon or you can buy direct from their site.


I really believe that if you are serious about improving your game this winter then adding this to your armoury is really a no brainer.


And if you already have own one like so many do, then it would be great to hear your thoughts in the comment section below (or on Facebook).




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