Simple Mindset Habits to Unlock Your Best Golf Ebook



I believe improving at this game all begins with a great mind-set…


Great Mindset = Results = Confidence = More Results = More Confidence = ………….


I truly believe it’s a snowball effect and the main factor as to how big the snowball gets, is your mindset…


For me, mindset trumps talent all day long.


I have seen it too often – I am and have played with lots of good players and I have found the one thing that differs between the ones who fulfill their potential and the ones who don’t.


Yep you guessed it…mindset.


This book is written from a lot of personal experience (pain). I was what can only be described as a bit of a lunatic on (and off) the golf course.


I modeled exactly how not to approach golf and I just ended up getting in my own way… and that’s one of the main reasons for me writing this book is to ensure you don’t go down the same path or if you are already on it…


Show you the path that I have found now, which will give you so many more rewards and fulfillment from this great game.


The tips in this book will not only allow you to become a better golfer but more importantly, allow you to enjoy it more.


So many golfers play this game but actually don’t enjoy it…which I think is absolutely criminal.



‘Success in golf depends less on the strength of body than upon the strength of mind”

Arnold Palmer



Here’s what you’ll learn in the book…



  • How to Understand Your Own Game Like a Pro

  • How to Become a Confident & Skilful Golfer

  • The Most Important Trait

  • The Golf Routine

  • How to Handle Competition/Pressure

  • How to Separate Your Self Worth From Your Score

  • How to Be a Better Golfer in 7 Days Time




I really hope you enjoy the book, and more importantly, get heaps of value from it.


Speak soon, 

Dean Walker

Golfers HQ