Talon MK2 From Ojee Golf Review


”Dean, I’d like you to pull your shoulders back and push your bum out”

”Ok coach”


(One week later)…


”Dean, you’re getting a little slumped at address again”

”Am I ?…Ok”


(Another week later)…


”Dean, your posture…It’s is causing your take away to get far too inside on the backswing”





If I had a pound for every time I had a lesson where my coach complained about my poor posture and setup, I would be a rich man.


Actually, that’s an exaggeration – but I would have a few more quid.


The setup is a part of the game which I know is so crucial to being a ‘consistent’ golfer, but if I am honest with myself, I get kind of lazy.


And I don’t think I am alone – I think this is a bit of a universal issue amongst golfers.


So, how much attention are you paying to this part of the game?


The part of the game to which Jack Nicklaus attributes a stunning 40% of his success.


And if you’re a wondering about the other 60% – no, it isn’t the golf swing itself. This is actually only 10%.


So this got me thinking… is it laziness that causes me to get slack with my setup or is it just hard to gauge and keep a handle on, without quality feedback all the time?


I used to always get myself into great positions in my lessons. But overtime, without my coach there watching my every move,  I would often slip back to my old ways which would cause multiple swing errors…


In fact, a lot of the problems that arise in my swing are caused by a dysfunctional starting position.


But how easy would this part of the game be if you had a tool to ensure you were setting up correctly every time without your coach man handling you into the correct positions?


Well I have found something that will help you with this – this little gadget called the Talon MK2 by Ojee Golf.


What is the Talon MK2?


The talon MK2 in a nutshell – is a very unique feedback device that helps you:


  • Achieve an optimal posture every time you play and practice.
  • Create an optimal and consistent shaft and spine angle address position. (Ojee Angle)
  • Achieve a club face position which is correct at address.
  • Make every swing with the perfect axis (spine angle) for each club.


So how does it do all this?


This strap with the wireless connector in the below picture is what tells you your spine angle reading. This is simply strapped onto your lower back.



This digital display unit below which is easily screwed onto the butt end of your grip, shows you all the important numbers you require. Whilst you are setup over the ball, you can easily refer to these numbers to ensure you are setup correctly.




The number in the middle – the ”Ojee angle” is the number which determines whether you are optimally setup for each club and each shot.


It’s this number that you want to pay close attention to. This angle created between the shaft and your spine is essentially the axis point for the entirety of the swing plane.


So, Ojee believe that if you can get this on the money more often, then your swing will have a much better chance of being on plane, resulting in many more good shots.


So how do you gauge what position you require?


First Option (This would be my first choice)


Put some work in with your coach. He/she will be able to determine your optimal setup position…then once you know this, you can use the Talon MK2 to be your pair of eyes when your coach isn’t there.


This is what I did…I went over to see my brother (who runs our Game Changer Academy) and we gauged my optimal Ojee angle to be 108.


And it’s this 108 angle which I now want to replicate for every single club. This will ensure that I am in the same position no matter what length of club I am using. Obviously spine angle and shaft angle alters depending on the club, but the difference (relationship) between the two should remain constant.


Like these three examples…(you will notice the Ojee angle is always 108 no matter what club i’m using)




This protocol will ensure a far more consistent swing throughout the entire bag.


No more of this favourite club scenario…


For me, it also takes all the guesswork out of play and solves the problem of setting up poorly and just throwing away shots.


What’s more, I no longer waste time in lessons going over the same mundane stuff which my bro has spouted at me so many times before.


Second Option:


Find out your Ojee reading with your ”favourite club” and use this for every club in the bag. Ojee have done thorough testing on this and found that when golfers adopted this method, they were striking the ball far more consistently throughout the bag. So, even if you haven’t got the luxury of seeing a coach, this tool can benefit you.


I believe that the Talon MK2 is a really cool concept and one that definitely works. The founders Matt Hulbert and his dad Paul – are definitely onto something here.


So when should you use it?


  • In all of your practice sessions (not every shot though which i’ll explain later.)
  • You could use it before a round to get a feel of your optimal setup for that given day.
  • Also a great tool to use at home to further ingrain these critical components of your setup.


”But once I know my Ojee Angle and I have used the Talon a few times, doesn’t it become useless?”


No. I believe gauging your correct setup will always require feedback of this sort to keep it in check. Even the tour pros are making tweaks here and there.


This is because intrinsic feedback (how it feels) will change depending on how comfortable you begin to feel in the posture. For instance, when I was put into my optimal posture, my lower back was tightening and if I am honest, felt slightly uncomfortable.


This is because those muscles are not used to that position… but as soon as I get some reps in, these feelings will go and this new posture will feel more comfortable, therefore different. That’s why I think external feedback such as the Talon is so useful.


As you have probably experienced – the same positions could feel completely different over time depending on how well ingrained they are, so that’s why judging them how they feel is often useless.



If you think this very unique piece of equipment will benefit your game, then you can find out more by clicking the this link.

Ojee Golf have also kindly agreed to offer our readers a discount. All you have to do is type in GOLFINUK10 at checkout to receive a cool 10% off.



Here’s me hitting one with it on…




Other Cool Benefits


  • As mentioned above the Talon is able to gauge your club face angle at address. The clubface is responsible for about 70% of where the ball will start. Lots of golfers think swing path is king, but actually the face takes a higher standing. So, being able to see this info at address, is again, half of the battle.
  • You will also receive a bag to store the Talon, which also doubles up as a towel.
  • And the tool which is used to adjust the digital display can also be used as a posh pitch mark repairer.



Research Suggests Not to Overdo it…


There’s no doubt whatsoever that feedback like this is imperative for becoming a better golfer. Whether it is from your coach, The Talon MK2 or other aids which are currently on the market.


But it’s very important to realise – that how you use these tools is just as important.


Lots of research has been carried out on augmented (external) Feedback and its effects on learning.


And undisputedly the results have come back positive…BUT researchers have found there to be an optimum amount of feedback which encourages maximum retention and improvement.


For example if you were to use the Talon for every single shot, this would be classed as 100% feedback.


In other words – 100% feedback = total overkill.


Simply put – research shows that actually between 10-30% feedback is much more optimal for retention. More than that and you become too heavily reliant on the technology/coach and in my experience you become less engaged.


I actually hit 50 balls in a row using the Talon and the first few I was intent on consciously feeling the positions and then the more I hit, I noticed I switched off and just let the technology kind of guide me with no real effort.


No effort = no learning.


Have you ever had a lesson where the coach has commented or giving you feedback every single shot, then come out of it and felt completely lost when you’re on your own?


Yep, same – this is probably due to feedback overkill.


So the message here is, if you want to get the most out of a great tool like this, use it wisely. Don’t just lazily rely on it.


Who I believe the Talon MK2 is for?


  • Golfers who are serious about improvement and maximising their skills.
  • Golfers who are currently working with a coach or at least intend to.
  • Golfers who like the idea of technology helping them to improve.
  • Golfers who like constant growth. Constantly setting up poorly will be a sure-fire way to stunt this.


Who I believe the Talon MK2 isn’t for?


  • Recreational golfers who just want to play for fun. Yes the Talon MK2 will benefit you but I think it may be overkill for this kind of player.
  • Technophobes. It’s very simple to use, but then again, so is most technology these days.



Overall, I believe this is a very, very useful bit of kit. It satisfies some major characteristics in your setup which have a huge effect on your performance.

It takes any guesswork out of play and if used properly will no doubt equate to you playing better golf more often.


So, if you think this tool could benefit you – here’s the link again to find out more

P.S Don’t forget to use GOLFINUK10 at checkout to receive your discount.












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